Transformation Tuesday a day late

According to credible sources – my 10th graders- Tuesday has been declared transformation Tuesday in the Internet / Instagram universe. On this very special day- that occurs every week-one is supposed to post a montage of various self pictures that show the aforementioned “transformation” aka growing up in purely scientific terms.

Top square picture- flower girl at my aunts wedding. Notice the large chunk of missing bang.

Bottom square picture is from about a month ago on a team red hang out night at Christies’s house. Those are her two fur children Oonah and Kernal Boris- both are Chinese cresteds. Don’t tell Esme that I hang out with other dogs – she’ll be upset.

Right picture is from two weeks ago – getting ready to go out. Cue the song- I’m sexy and I know it.



2 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday a day late

  1. Grace Gallant says:

    Love it! You keep transforming girl!

  2. Ted says:

    I want the bangs story.

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